Becoming An Author

This blog revolves around becoming an author and supports those who have a desire to write short stories, poems and novels in a variety of different genres. There are so many people that have a desire to write but are afraid to take that first step. The information here will encourage those who have that interest by showing them what they need to do.

It will put emphasis on making sure that readers realize there are many resources both free and paid that can help them. With today's technology, there are multiple ways to get works published and this blog will outline these.

Different Types of Poetry

27 Nov 2020

Poetry was once seen as old-fashioned but is now gaining in popularity. The different types of poetry include Haiku, sonnets, villanelles, odes and ballads. Free verse can also be said to be a type of poetry but is sometimes discounted, as there are no rhyming elements.

The Four Steps of Becoming an Author

28 Oct 2020

It may seem simple, but there are really only four steps to becoming an author. Your initial thoughts should be on the kind of book you want to write. The next step is obvious; write the book. Following on from this, you need to get published, and then promote it.

The Pleasure of Writing Short Stories

24 Sep 2020

Some writers may be drawn to composing short stories, rather than an epic novel. A traditional short story typically has 5000 words, which equates to around 20 pages. This is long enough to create a compelling work of fiction that draws the reader in, to be read in one sitting.